Greeks in Armenia - between discrimination and assimilation

25.07.22 10:00

Almost all Armenian nationalist publications have recently become very "fond" of Greece and the Greeks. The reason is simple - they see Greece as an "ally" in the confrontation with Turkey. It is not by chance that any aggravation on the Greek-Turkish border (the last one was a few days ago) arouses wild excitement in Yerevan and Armenian nationalists' hopes that war is "about to break out" between Greece and Turkey.


Unfortunately, Greeks themselves often believe Armenian nationalist fairy tales. And they often fall for the anti-Turkish incitement of Armenian provocateurs. However, it would be very useful for Greeks to know how their compatriots are really treated in the Republic of Armenia. How Greeks here are treated as "second-class" people, humiliated, forced to renounce their Greek identity and either become "Armenians" or leave the towns and villages where they were born.


A video about this, with the eloquent title "How Greeks were turned into Armenians", was posted on his YouTube channel by Albert Isakov, a native of Baku, who has lived both in Yerevan and Israel, and now lives in Canada. The video includes an interview with an ethnic Greek who was born in Armenia and wishes to remain anonymous:



From talking to an ethnic Greek who lived in Armenia, you can learn a lot of interesting things. In particular, Greeks were forced to assimilate and take surnames with Armenian "-yan" endings. Moreover, brothers and sisters of one family were often given different Armenian surnames. This was done in order to increase the statistics of the deaths of Armenians in 1915 and to make the Armenian nationalist myth of the so-called "genocide" more "convincing". People were told the blatant lie that their kin and relatives had allegedly been "killed by the Turks". They "miraculously survived from a large family", where everyone had that surname.


This Greek also tells how after the outbreak of the first Karabakh war he joined the Armenian army and received orders to shoot at peaceful Azerbaijani villages, but sabotaged those orders, shooting past them, and was thrown into the brig, where he was tortured and humiliated. This Greek from his childhood in Armenia felt constant discrimination because of his nationality on the one hand, but on the other hand he and other Greeks were tried by Armenian nationalist society to "convert into Armenians". 


Albert Issakov himself concluded about the fate of this and other Greeks in Armenia: 'He and his ancestors were needed by this society to replenish the Armenian population. As a Christian minority, they were discriminated against in this way. They were Orthodox Greeks and Assyrians, and they began to dissolve into this "Christian" Armenian majority and assimilate very rapidly. The aggressive environment of this very language environment, this mono-national monochromatic and monochrome environment - it contributed to this. You were not supposed to stand out in this society."


Miraculously, the Yezidi and Molokan communities have managed to survive in Armenia so far, but only because they are religiously closed. However, these communities are also discriminated against and "squeezed out" of Armenia. It is very difficult for Yezidis to live in Armenia; a Yezidi woman left a very interesting comment about this under Albert Isakov's video about the extreme contamination of Armenian society with nationalism:


"I come from Georgia....My husband's family is from Armenia and I was shocked when I went to Armenia in the 90s, as our people live there. In Soviet times, the Yezidis of Georgia lived much better than the Yezidis of Armenia. There were villages in the mountains where there was no water for 35 years. Houses had barrels of rainwater. Sometimes they used to go down to other villages for water...... They remembered them and promised to bring water only during elections....


Schools are only Armenian..... I witnessed how my only young son was brought from Karabakh ...They made him wear the uniform of an Armenian soldier and put an Armenian flag in his coffin. I remember our people were outraged, but what to do.....


I have been living in France for a long time now, and I see how arrogant the Armenians behave. They think that everyone owes them everything. Armenians in my city wanted to buy land and put up a sculpture in memory of the genocide, but the city hall refused them... You should have seen their faces and discontent ......


Although I'm from Tbilisi and have never thought about a person based on what nationality he is, but faced with the insolence and arrogance of this ethnic group I get convinced more and more that no one is more cunning and devious than.... An Armenian woman from Russia with a surname where the root word is Turkic tells me that you Yezidis are like gypsies, you have nothing of your own.... She told me here in France, where virtually all Armenians magically seem to come from Karabakh ...".


What is interesting here is the mutually exclusive nature of the "lineage" of Armenian nationalists in France. On the one hand they are all supposedly 'descendants of natives of Karabakh'. On the other hand "descendants of victims of the 1915 genocide in the Ottoman Empire". How can this be combined if Karabakh was part of the Russian Empire in 1915. Karabakh was part of the Russian Empire and the notorious mythical "genocide" could not be organized here by the same Ottoman Empire with all its desire - they do not explain.


Either way, Armenia's mono-ethnic society, infected with extreme nationalism and disdain for other peoples, is in itself a problem for this state. In today's world, where borders are erasing and nations cannot live and develop without interacting with each other, such a "nationalist reserve", into which the Republic of Armenia has been turned, only contributes to the backwardness and degradation of such a society.




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