Does it matter to the separatist Vardanyan only the lives of Armenians?

08.02.23 12:00

The catastrophic earthquake in south-eastern Turkey, which also affected neighbouring areas of Syria and resulted in numerous casualties, has aroused sympathy for the victims among almost all nations of the world. The only exception was perhaps Armenian nationalists who started a real "holiday" in social networks, gloating over the death of people under the rubble. Particularly emphasizing that this, they say, happened on the territory of so-called "Western Armenia" and therefore "it suits the Turks.


Those Armenian nationalists who hold official positions behaved in a more reserved manner. Including those who are self-appointed in Azerbaijani territory playing the so-called state power of "Artsakh". Therefore, Ruben Vardanyan, the self-appointed so-called "Artsakh state minister", did not directly gloat publicly. However, his reaction in a telegraph channel regarding the earthquake in Turkey shows what values he and other "Artsakh" separatists profess and that they consider only ethnic Armenians to be people:


"The devastating earthquake caused many victims in Syria and Turkey, including local Armenians. I offer my condolences to the families and friends of the innocent victims of this terrible disaster. I wish you strength and fortitude to overcome this difficult ordeal. We are well aware of the human tragedies that a devastating earthquake can cause. Our people are well aware of this pain. I mourn the loss of our compatriots. The life of every Armenian is important as the life of every person. Both 3 million and 120 thousand and one Armenian - whether they are in Armenia, Artsakh, Syria or any other country of the world - are important for us."


For Ruben Vardanyan, as for other Armenian nationalists, only the lives of ethnic Armenians have value. Even if it is one Armenian among millions of non-Armenians.  They do not give a damn about the lives of other peoples.


According to preliminary data, several ethnic Armenians were killed in the current earthquake in Turkey and Syria (we know of at least 3 deaths in Turkey and 2 in Syria). It turns out that they are the only ones Ruben Vardanyan mourns for. The deaths of thousands of other people who do not belong to the "most ancient nation" are not even worth mentioning for him, but for many other Armenian nationalists it is a reason for open gloating.


Hence the answer to the question - is it possible to talk to people like Ruben Vardanyan about the future of Armenians in Karabakh? After all, he does not seem to recognise the right to life of other people who are not Armenians.


Constantly throwing hysterics about the alleged "suffering" of Armenians in "Artsakh" who are allegedly threatened by the "genocide", Ruben Vardanyan has never even mentioned the possibility of returning the Khojaly genocide survivors to their homes. How, then, can normal peaceful coexistence and mutual respect between Armenians and Azerbaijanis in Karabakh be ensured if the likes of Vardanyan have power in this territory?


Instead, Ruben Vardanyan and similar separatists believe that wherever Armenians who are "superhuman" live, other people simply cannot live, their lives are worthless. At most, they are willing to temporarily tolerate as disenfranchised "protectors and servants" of the "most ancient cultural nation" - as today Russian peacekeepers are still barely tolerated.


But representatives of the "superior race" are apparently no longer satisfied by Russian "military serfs. In Armenia also, they louder and louder demand the expulsion of the Russian military base from Gyumri and Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh (to be replaced with French "peacekeepers").



George Mazniashvili

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