While Abkhazia is occupied, the threats and blackmailing of Abkhaz patriots by Armenian nationalists is "primitive, but it works"

16.03.23 14:30

The situation in separatist Abkhazia is unique. The occupants and the separatist authorities encourage the most blatant racist Georgianophobia. Anti-Georgian statements, at that, seasoned with nationalist hatred are almost mandatory attribute of any speech of Abkhazian politicians on any issue. Unless, of course, they want accusations of "working for Georgia.


But, at the same time, in separatist Abkhazia there is a kind of "sacred cow" - the Armenian diaspora. - Armenian diaspora. Even simply asking aloud why there are more and more Armenians in Abkhazia every day and more Abkhazians die out is becoming unacceptable. We are talking about illegal settlement, not natural growth. An Abkhazian politician who asks and raises such questions is instantly exposed to harassment. And according to some reports direct blackmail from the Armenian community of Abkhazia, as a result of which the person asking the question quickly "apologizes" or retracts his words.


Separatist MP Kan Kvarchia raised the topic of growth in the number of Armenians in Abkhazia. Although he very "correctly" stated that the Armenians were "competing in numbers" with the Abkhaz, and it has long been obvious to him and everyone else that the Armenians have long outnumbered the Abkhaz and the further the gap between the dying out Abkhaz and the rapidly arriving Armenians is widening.


"We settled the first Armenians in the village of Mtsara... We need to do a census today, it is the right thing to do economically and politically, we will know what our demographic situation is. We settled Armenians from the heart, without a backward thought... Just one village. Today they are competing with us in numbers. We have nothing against this, but we are a small nation, we can get lost". – Kan Kwarchia stated.


Immediately a harassment of the Abkhazian politician who "dared" simply to express concern about the prospects of dissolution and disappearance of his people in the increased mass of Armenian migrants began on social networks.


For example, the News of Abkhazia telegram channel indignantly wrote:


"An outrageous and offensive speech was made by Kan Kvarchia about the danger posed by the size of the Armenian population in Abkhazia. 'We have settled... and they have...'. I will not recall what percentage of products on the markets of Abkhazia were grown by Armenians and I am ashamed that Mr. Kvarchia forgets about the merits of the Armenian people in the Great Patriotic War in 1941-45 and in 1992-93. Abkhazian public figure and educator Simon Basaria said that Armenians, like no other nation, treat with care the unique customs of Abkhazians and, living outside their historic homeland, defend the land where they live.


And of course, immediately information about "heroism" of Armenians in their fight against Georgia on the territory of Abkhazia was spread around Abkhazian social networks at the instigation of the Armenian lobby in the same News of Abkhazia:


The first president of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba said in an interview: "This battalion is an example worthy of emulation for every citizen of Abkhazia. Raul Khadjimba also noted the importance of Armenians' contribution to the unity and independence of Abkhazia on more than one occasion.


In short, at the start of the Georgian-Abkhazian war in August 1992, Armenians were fighting in various units of the Abkhazian army. And already on February 9th, 1993, by order № 55 of Commander-in-Chief Vladislav Ardzinba the first Independent Motorized Rifle Battalion named after Marshal of the Soviet Union I. Baghramyan was established. The crew of the legendary "Tiger" tank, the Labrinians, heroes of Abkhazia Hayk and Gabriel Kesyan and Smbat Kerselyan valiantly fought on the Eastern Front. During the March offensive of 1993, the assault group under the command of Levon Dashyan and the group from the fifth battalion Vitaly Smyr headed by Galust Trapizonian, Hero of Abkhazia, showed themselves brightly. The Armenian battalion took part in the July operation to capture Tsugurovka heights. Three battalions were headed by Hero of Abkhazia Sergey Matosyan, commander of three battalions. Baghramyan's battalion played an important role in the liberation of the Kodori Gorge. Each time Abkhazia was threatened by a new Georgian invasion, the personnel of the Armenian battalion gathered together. The Armenian fighters were as numerous as the volunteer Cossacks and North Caucasians. Having joined their forces on September 25-27, Armenian units moved deep into the city - right from the village of Yashtukha and around, along the Chanba street along the Besletka river. It was the Armenians who were the first to reach the Council of Ministers building, which became the symbol of power over the capital. In all, over a thousand men participated in the two Armenian battalions. More than 200 Armenians were killed during the war. Twenty fighters were awarded the title of Hero of Abkhazia.


By forgetting also about the number of those who voted in presidential and parliamentary elections of this nationality and by adding his indignation to the construction of the apartments, Kan Valerievich inaccurately insulted the Armenian people living with us and defending the interests of Abkhazia side by side. What else can we expect from Mr Kvarcheli further, national cleansing, 37 years?


I wonder why the Armenian and pro-Armenian media and Armenian figures do not tell similar stories about the "heroism of the Baghramyan battalion" not in Sukhumi, but in Tbilisi?  Especially when they talk about "friendship and brotherhood", of Armenians and Georgians, of Armenia and Georgia? The Georgian public would be very interested to hear about such examples of "friendship and brotherhood", all the more so when Armenians are proud of them!


Everything ended with the fact that leaders of the Armenian community summoned Kan Kvarchian, who dared to raise the issue of growth in the number of Armenians in Abkhazia, "to their doorstep". The following was said:


"On March 13, 2023 a meeting was held between the chairman of RPA "Aidgilara", deputy of the National Assembly-Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia K.V. Kvarchia and the chairman of the Armenian community of the Republic of Abkhazia A.A. Minosyan.


The issues of strengthening interethnic harmony in the Republic were touched upon.


The participants of the meeting were unanimous in the importance of constructive interaction.


The translation from "official" can be guessed that Kan Kvarchia received a serious reprimand from the Armenian "masters" of Abkhazia. Most likely, he was threatened that if he continued to raise issues regarding the number of Armenians, he and his relatives would be in trouble.


And, apparently, Kan Kvarchia quickly "surrendered" and capitulated to the real masters of Abkhazia, as, in fact, the separatist telegram channels reported, and with mocking allusions to Abkhazian politicians, saying that they still have to apologize and "to take their very humble place":


"There is a tradition in the internal politics of Abkhazia: the leader of a political association publicly criticises one particular ethnic community, and then meets with its leaders and demonstrates the absence of disagreement. This was the case with Adgur Ardzinba in his dispute with Ruben Tatulyan and this was also the case with Kan Kvarchia, who held a meeting with the chairman of the Armenian community of Abkhazia A. Minosyan after his inappropriate statements.


First, sharp statements warm up electorate of the titular nation, and then, in order not to lose votes in the ethnic community their leaders are appeased. Primitive, but it works.


Indeed, as long as Abkhazia is occupied, threats and blackmail against Abkhaz patriots by Armenian nationalists are "primitive but working". In order to stop this process of national humiliation of Abkhazians it is necessary to de-occupy Abkhazia and reconcile the brotherly Abkhazian and Georgian peoples.



George Kvinitadze

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