Z-propaganda directs military hysteria to the defense of "Artsakh" separatists

01.08.23 12:50

The Armenian lobby plays a big role in the current war hysteria in Russia aimed at supporting the aggression against Ukraine. A significant part of the resources of the so-called "Z-propaganda", covering the war against Ukraine, is connected with Armenian nationalists. Some of these resources, telegram channels directly indicate their connection with Armenia and "Artsakh".


Recently, the situation on the Ukrainian background has turned into position battles. And Z-propaganda is clearly trying to redirect the consciousness of Russians who support aggression against Ukraine to a new potential theater of military operations. Namely, to the defense of the unarmed separatists of the so-called "Artsakh" on the territory of Azerbaijan-Karabakh.


Of course, all "Z-Armenian" information of Z-propaganda resources is presented exclusively in anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish terms. The possible future war of Russia over "Artsakh" is presented as a continuation of the Ukrainian war and allegedly on the "most important for Russia" part of the front.


In this regard, a curious propaganda material was recently published by one of the most ardent mouthpieces of Z-propaganda - the telegram channel RADISTKA KAT ZOV:


"Russia is taking over the Mediterranean ports: Libya, Algeria, Syria, and so on. And this is the control of sea and land corridors. But to get a good deal, it needs direct access to Syria. Only "Artsakh" (Nagorno-Karabakh) - an outpost of the Russian Empire, which has kept Transcaucasia under our control for more than 200 years and because of which there is an undeclared war between Turkey/Britain and Russia today.


After World War I, Britain and Turkey almost succeeded in pushing Russia out of the region, thanks to the revolution and the collapse of the empire. But we managed to turn the tide and hold on to Transcaucasia. The next attempt was supposed to be in World War II, but the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad prevented Turkey from moving its troops into the USSR from the south. The third attempt - the collapse of the USSR, the First Karabakh War and the victory of the Armenian army in it ensured the preservation of Transcaucasia under the Russian protectorate.


Therefore, after Gorbachev's departure, the best Soviet officers and generals of Armenian and Russian origin, such as Khristofor Ivanyan, Anatoly Zinevich, Norat Ter-Grigoryants and other officers were sent to Nagorno-Karabakh. In a short time, under their leadership, a strong, combat-ready army was created. Military operations were developed in detail by Soviet generals who had combat experience in WOW and Afghanistan.


For those who do not remember, I will remind you. Simultaneously with the Karabakh war, the Chechen war was going on and Basayev's, Raduyev's and other trash came from Turkey to Dagestan and Chechnya through Azerbaijan and Georgia. They could not get through in Nagorno-Karabakh.


The enemy is ready for a fourth attempt. And it will not give up its intentions voluntarily. Judging by the scale of the strategic plans of the President of Russia, he does not intend to retreat and give up either. Time will tell how he will cut this Gordian knot. The coming months will be particularly tense, but I believe we will get through them.


Today, Ukraine is our Stalingrad battle, the development of which the enemy is watching very closely, waiting like a jackal for Akela to miss. Only I am sure that he will not miss".


In fact, the separatists of the so-called "Artsakh" are being molded into an outpost of Russian imperial aspirations toward the south and the Mediterranean. They directly admit that Russia ensured the victory of the Armenian aggressors in the First Karabakh War. And today the hardened Z-chauvinists want to mobilize in defense of the separatist project "Artsakh", which should automatically cease to exist after the withdrawal of the Russian peacekeepers from Karabakh.


It is not excluded that the Z-propaganda will soon "justify" the necessity of "freezing" the war on the Ukrainian front (since the loss is obvious), even at the expense of concessions to Ukraine. They would only redirect their forces to a new war for "access to the Indian Ocean" (they think that success is possible), including for the separatist "Artsakh". And this will mean a "great war" in the South Caucasus, which will inevitably affect Georgia as well. It is impossible to underestimate the new themes of the Russian pro-Armenian Z-propaganda, which tries to mobilize the public opinion in Russia for the protection of "Artsakh".



George Mazniashvili

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