Strikes against Orthodoxy: by bombs in Gaza, by "law" in Ukraine, by Khai nationalists in Georgia

20.10.23 17:10

Despite the seemingly "unrelated" nature of the wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, one very characteristic feature e can be traced - the hatred of certain forces for Orthodoxy and Orthodox shrines. Whethe the genetic memory of "historical grievances" ("Caucasus Plus" has already mentioned in the article "Probable "exoduses" and where will the Hayes go from the South Caucasus?" the uneasy relations between Orthodox Ukrainians and Jews and the role of the resulting tragedies for the project of the "State of Israel" ( is superimposed on this, is difficult to say.


However, two events occurred synchronously on the 19th and the night of the 19th-20th October 2023:


1. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed in the first reading a law actually banning the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), which even the godless Bolsheviks could not achieve. In fact, apart from the UOC, there are no other "Orthodox churches" in Ukraine. Despite the so-called "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" (PCU), which was recently officially organised with the help of the Greek Patriarchate of Constantinople, the churches of this "church" are empty, all its so-called "priests" are mostly opportunists and politically oriented "cassock-clad". Their so-called "services" are simply not attended by the faithful.


2. As a result of the Israeli bombardment on the night of 20-21 October, one of the oldest churches in the world, built in the 5th century, the Orthodox Church of Saint Porphyrios in Gaza, was destroyed. Up to a thousand people were hiding in the church in Gaza at the time of the Israeli attack. More than 18 people died, several dozen are still buried under the rubble, and a huge number of wounded.


It should be remembered that the Orthodox Church, like the Palestinian Muslims, is trying to prevent the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the construction of the so-called "Third Temple" in its place. According to all Orthodox prophecies, it is in this temple that the Antichrist (whom Muslims call Dajjal - Arabic for "deceiver") will be crowned, marking the arrival of the end times.


Obviously it is no coincidence that Orthodox shrines are being destroyed in Palestine at the same time as Orthodoxy is being eradicated in the probable New Khazaria. Dozens of mosques are being blown up and destroyed in Gaza, along with civilians. In contrast to the old Khazaria, where Christians had all rights, as the life of Saint Abo Tbileli (an Arab who converted to Christianity in the Khazar Khaganate, returned to Georgia and was executed in Tbilisi) proves. All this may seem like "coincidences", but it takes on an ominous symbolism in the context of the ongoing genocide of the peaceful Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip.


The law banning the Orthodox Church in Ukraine was passed in its first reading on 19 October at the request of the President and Prime Minister of Ukraine, who are entitled to Israeli citizenship by virtue of their origins. At the same time, they unconditionally support Israel and remain silent about the victims among the peaceful Palestinians, although logically they should sympathise with people who suffer from bombings as much as Ukrainians suffer from Russian aggression.


The Greek media were the first to write about the destruction of the Orthodox Church in Gaza, calling the church "Greek" and this definition began to be broadcast by the world media. But for the sake of justice, it should be noted that the majority of the parishioners of this church are Orthodox Arab Palestinians. The Church of St Porphyrios in Gaza was built during the Roman Empire, which was not a "Greek" state at all.


And modern Greeks, unfortunately, with their "ecclesiastical nationalism", are today actually helping to eradicate Orthodoxy in Ukraine, having organised the so-called PCU, which has become nothing but a simulacrum, a "false church", where sincere believing Ukrainians simply do not go. The same church where Orthodox believers do go - the UOC - wants to ban it on the pretext of its connection with the Moscow Patriarchate, even though the UOC has long since been legally separated from the Moscow Patriarchate. In a way, today's Ukraine is repeating the situation created in the Khmelnitsky region, when Orthodoxy was also outlawed in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after the Union of Brest in 1596 and allowed to abuse the feelings of believers.


In connection with the barbaric destruction of the St. Porfiry Church in Gaza, the silence of the "friends of Armenia" among the European politicians, who have recently been shouting about the alleged "destruction of "Armenian" Christian holy places" in Azerbaijani Karabakh, looks very strange. Although in the same Shusha, for example, Azerbaijan is restoring the original appearance of the Orthodox Church (Kazanchetsots), illegally appropriated by the Hayes, and is going to carefully preserve the churches of the once Orthodox but converted to the Armenian-Gregorian Monophysite heresy of the Albanian Catholicosate, also illegally appropriated and mutilated by the Hayes.


The Vatican is also silent on the destruction of the Church in Gaza. However, if we take into account its hostility towards Orthodoxy, everything looks logical. Let us remember that it is in fact the Vatican, together with Echmiadzin, that is trying to confiscate several hundred Georgian Orthodox churches in Georgia.


The creators of the "new world order" perceive Orthodoxy as exclusively hostile. And war has been declared against it, both in Ukraine and in Palestine, where civilians are being destroyed along with churches.


 Orthodoxy is also under attack in Georgia. It is not only the "pro-European" liberal politicians who want to destroy it, but also the Kai "fifth column" (which already destroyed it in Abkhazia, when the fighters of the Bagramyan Battalion drove out the Orthodox Georgians and killed priests and monks). Officially, only the Armenian and Armenian Catholic churches claim the 465 Georgian Orthodox churches on the territory of Georgia. Not to mention that all Georgian churches in the Republic of Armenia have already been seized by Echmiadzin and many of them are being destroyed as neither Georgian priests nor restorers are allowed to visit them.



Varden Tsulukidze

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