Parliament official pledges “inclusive” implementation of EU candidacy recommendations

27.11.23 13:00

Mikheil Sarjveladze, the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Georgian Parliament, on Monday said the ruling Georgian Dream party would take “all measures” to ensure the implementation of the recommendations set out by the European Commission for the country’s European Union membership candidate status was “as inclusive and comprehensive as possible”. 

Sarjveladze said the authorities were taking into account the “risks that may be associated with the non-participation of the destructive opposition in the process”, in reference to the refusal of a part of the opposition to be involved in the work for meeting the conditions.


These risks should be taken into account in order to plan the process in such a way that false boycotts on their part do not hinder the implementation”, the Parliament official added.

Sarjveladze also said he hoped the number of opposition parties deciding to become involved in the work would increase compared to last year.



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