Heavy snowfall leads to traffic restrictions across Georgia

27.11.23 11:00

The Roads Department of Georgia on Monday imposed traffic restrictions on several sections in the west and north of the country due to heavy snowfall. 

Traffic has been prohibited for trailers and semi-trailers on the kilometre 39-52 section of the Nakerala Pass of the Kutaisi-Tkibuli-Ambrolauri highway in the west of the country.


Trailers and semi-trailers are also not allowed on the Sachkhere-Uzunta-Skhmeri-Zudali road in the west, while access is open to other types of vehicles.


The Department on Sunday said traffic on the Gudauri-Kobi section of the international Mtskheta-Stepantsminda-Larsi road, connecting Georgia and Russia through the Caucasus mountains, was restricted for trailers and semi-trailers due to snow and low temperature.


The National Environment Agency said traffic on the section would be allowed only through avalanche tunnels under “direct supervision and coordination” of police.


A message was sent on Sunday via Georgia's Emergency Service 112 to residents of the country, warning about a "sharp deterioration" in the weather and heavy precipitation for November 27-28.

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