Chinese Gov’t “committed” to assisting Georgia in improving social, economic growth - Ambassador

27.11.23 13:40

Zhou Qian, the Chinese Ambassador to Georgia, on Monday highlighted steps taken within the strategic partnership between the two countries by saying China was “always committed” to assisting Georgia in improving social and economic growth.


In his remarks over the matter, Zhou noted the Chinese Government’s financial assistance provided to the central Georgian city of Gori for improving social infrastructure around the city and in villages.


We also want to show our support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. This is the basis of our bilateral strategic relations”, Zhou said. 
“[...] China provided more than 200,000 vaccines to Georgia during the Covid pandemic. At that time, the United States and European countries [had] banned the export of vaccines”, the diplomat added.


Zhou also pointed to the $1.5 million aid provided to the Georgian Government during the pandemic, including in masks and ventilators, to “overcome the effects of Covid and restart the economy”.




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