Head of the Special Investigation Service: Since the establishment of our institution, we have exposed 62 law enforcement officers for abuse and violent crimes

27.11.23 16:05

According to the head of the Special Investigation Service, Koka Katsitadze, 62 of the 153 persons exposed for abuse and violence by the Special Investigation Service are law enforcement officers.


As he noted during the hearing of the Committee on Legal Affairs, the Special Investigation Service with increased powers was launched on March 1, 2022. In addition to the facts of violence, torture and ill-treatment committed by public officials, the service is also responsible for investigating violations of the privacy of citizens, illegally interfering with the professional activities of journalists, and other crimes against human rights and freedoms.


"Of the 153 persons exposed by the Special Investigation Service, 62 are law enforcement officers, against whom criminal liability was brought for abuse and violence. 69 persons were exposed in the crime of violation of private life and against human rights and freedoms, and 16 persons in the crime committed against journalists," said Koka Katsitadze.


According to him, despite the significantly increased workload and small human resources, the service responded to 2,514 reports in 10 months, and started investigating 420 cases.


"237 (56%) cases are related to possible mistreatment committed by law enforcement officers, 129 (31%) cases are related to crimes against human rights and freedoms committed by citizens, and 54 (13%) are related to other crimes committed by law enforcement officers," Katsitadze said.



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