Parliament official highlights Gov’t’s “effective” work in implementing EU candidacy conditions

27.11.23 17:30

Archil Talakvadze, the Vice Speaker of the Georgian Parliament, on Monday said the European Commission’s recommendation to the European Council to grant the country the European Union membership candidate status showed the “effectiveness” of the work led by the ruling Georgian Dream party for implementing the bloc’s conditions for the outcome.


Talakvadze said the granting of the status, which needs to be finalised by the European Council in December, meant the country was moving to an “important” stage that involved its eventual accession to the bloc.


The ongoing work process was effective and our Government, together with the public and the European Union, managed to receive a ‘visa’ for the historic decision”, he said. 

The Parliament official also said the country would receive “green light” to join the bloc after the implementation of the plan.




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