Georgian FM: domestic opposition “doing nothing” for country’s European integration

28.11.23 11:30

On Monday, Georgian Foreign Minister Ilia Darchiashvili said domestic opposition parties were “doing nothing” to contribute to the work for the country’s European integration, ahead of the European Council’s decision next month on the European Union membership candidate status for Georgia.


In his comments to the media, Darchiashvili called on domestic opposition to participate in the work for implementing the priorities set out by the European Commission in its recommendation for the country to be granted the status.


Gov’t approves action plan for European Commission priorities
He urged the parties to “stand above the narrow political agenda” and participate in “building a European future” for the country. He noted he was “confident” some of the opposition groups would accept the Government’s proposal of their participation in the work.


In comments on the Government’s action plan for further steps for the integration, approved at the ruling team’s meeting on Monday, he said it a “document that defines the agenda for our further activities, for each recommendation we have a position on how we see the implementation of that recommendation, in the short, medium and long term”.


Darchiashvili also noted the Government had “repeatedly” offered the opposition to participate in the work of parliamentary groups for the fulfillment of EU candidacy conditions, and pledged to ensure their inclusion in the process.




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