Georgia to feature as guest at Madrid Fusión 2024

15.01.24 11:30

Georgia will be featured as a guest at Madrid Fusión 2024, the world’s premier gastronomic congress, taking place in Madrid on January 29-31, the National Tourism Administration reported.


Guests and culinary professionals will learn about Georgian cuisine, wines, and tourist attractions at the Georgian stand hosted by the National Tourism Administration. The so-called Show Kitchen will be incorporated into the Georgian stand.


With its guest status, the National Tourism Administration will have additional thematic spaces featuring master classes on Georgian dishes and tastings of three types of wines on the main stage.


Over three days, Georgian cuisine will take centre stage, drawing gastronomy professionals’ attention worldwide.


Various countries, including Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, France, Belgium, Italy, the USA, Argentina, Colombia, Korea, the Philippines, Chile, and more, will participate in the international gastronomic congress.

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