Georgian external trade up 14.8% in January with Turkey, Russia, China top trading partners

19.02.24 12:15

Turkey with $232.6 million, Russia with $190 million and China with $96.4 million were the top trading partners of Georgia in its total external trade turnover in January, the National Statistics office said on Monday.


The country’s top trading partners by exports were Kyrgyzstan ($46.2mln), Russia ($41.6mln) and Azerbaijan ($40.9mln), while imports were topped by Turkey ($203.1mln), Russia ($148.4mln) and China ($76.4mln).


The top export items were the following:

Motor vehicles - $112 million (33.1 percent of total exports)

Ferro-alloys - $19.4 million (5.7 percent)

Wine - $18 million (5.3 percent)

The three top import commodities included:

Motor vehicles - $101.4 million (10.1 percent of the total imports)

Petroleum and petroleum oils - $80.4 million (8 percent)

Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons - $66.8 million (6.7 percent)

Overall, the Georgian external trade turnover amounted to $1.34 billion in January, posting a 14.8 percent year-on-year increase. 

The value of exports decreased by 26.2 percent and equalled $338.6 million, while imports also decreased by 10.1 percent, amounting to $1 billion in the reporting period.

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