Economy Ministry “makes every effort” to attract American airlines to operate in Georgia - Deputy Minister

26.02.24 10:04

Georgian Deputy Economy Minister Mariam Kvrivishvili on Saturday said the Ministry was “using all tools” to attract American airlines to operate in Georgia, citing the “impressive” passenger flow figures between the two countries, which amounted to 75 thousand in 2023.


In an interview with Imedi TV channel, Kvrivishvili noted the importance for Georgia to “further deepen” its strategic partnership with the United States, adding the establishment of air traffic between the countries would be significant to this end.

[Generally] direct flights have a great incentive for strengthening the people-to-people connection between the countries, [and] further enhancing business relations”, the Deputy Minister emphasised.
She highlighted the aviation industry’s “great importance” in boosting tourism and the economy of Georgia and noted it could be “seen in numbers”, pointing out that the Georgian Government and Economy Ministry “spared no efforts” to constantly bring new airlines in the country and launch new direct routes.

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