The Abkhazians will feel the fate of the Georgians - the occupiers will drive them out. So far from the Sukhumi airport area

01.04.24 10:02

Gradually, the Abkhazians are beginning to realise the tragic nature of the situation in which they find themselves. Soon there will be no trace of the earlier euphoria over the recognition of the separatist 'independence' occupying this Georgian territory. Frightening speculation is beginning to emerge that not only did Russia contribute to the ethnic cleansing and expulsion of the Georgian population in 1992-1993. A precedent has been set, and sooner or later the Abkhazians themselves will be forcibly expelled from their homeland.


After a brief euphoria that the Sukhumi airport would be operational by the end of 2024, Abkhazian society was stunned by "news" like a thunderclap - it turned out that the inhabitants of neighbouring villages were simply being evicted to make way for the airport in Russia. And there is no point in complaining anywhere, because Abkhazia is under full occupation and completely dependent on the wishes of the occupiers.


More than three decades after the war, some Abkhazians feel at least partly what the Georgian refugees felt in 1992-1993 - they are being thrown out of their homeland.  This is not the first time in history that Russia has done this to the Abkhazian people.


The Abkhazians have already experienced genocide at the hands of the Russian Empire in the form of muhajir - mass deportation of Abkhazians to Turkey - in the 19th century. Anyone who thinks that Russia has now become 'kinder' should look at Ukraine. If the Kremlin has no compassion for "native" people, it is naive to think that the Abkhazians will be spared there.


The transfer of Pitsunda to the Kremlin was only the first step in depriving the Abkhazians of their land. And although the separatist puppet authorities, when handing over Pitsunda, tried to write down certain "conditions" of its transfer to Russia, in particular the inadmissibility of its transfer to third parties, the Russian note to the separatist "Foreign Ministry" deprived the Abkhazians of their last illusions.


The note explicitly stated the inadmissibility of any "tricks" and attempts to deceive Russia on the part of the so-called "independent Abkhazia". It said: "To give Pitsunda - then we must give it". Here is a summary of the Russian ultimatum to the separatist "Foreign Ministry".


All this shows that more occupiers will not even consider Abkhazia and its separatist puppet "authorities". Let alone the Abkhazian people. And the situation with Sukhumi airport is even sadder than Pitsunda. At least the Abkhazians have not yet been expelled from Pitsunda.


The inhabitants of Abkhazia tried to be indignant. Some of them recalled that "in Soviet times, Sukhumi airport on the territory of Georgia worked at a much higher load than is possible now, after reconstruction. Until the early 1990s, the airport handled up to 5,000 passengers a day. Local people have always lived near the airport and have never bothered anyone. And there was no threat to them or the airport. So what happened? Why have the local people suddenly become redundant? And a question to the MPs: the airport agreement was ratified quickly and without questions. Do you read the documents you vote for and ratify? If you read them, why don't you ask questions? ????". - Abkhazians are asking questions on social networks.


For the first time, "warm words" without negativity and Georgianophobia reminded the time when Abkhazia was part of the Georgian SSR.


The events of the last few days show that the occupiers and their separatist puppets have so far decided to "play a little in the relations of friendly states" with occupied Abkhazia. In order to avoid the outrage of the doomed Abkhazians before the full annexation. Therefore, the separatist authorities have been tasked with "calming and convincing" the population.


Regarding the possible resettlement of Abkhazians from the area of Sukhumi airport, which, like Pitsunda, is under full Russian control, the so-called separatist "Minister of Energy and Transport" Dzhansukh Nanba met with residents of the village of Babyshchira, where the airport is being reconstructed. He told them about the progress of the work and the plans for the development of the airport, including its extension to the southern part of the territory. At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that 5-6 villagers would "participate in the work of the coordination centre headed by 'vice-president' Badra Gunba".


Dzhansukh Nunba said that the airport being built in Abkhazia by a Russian investor would require much more land than is currently available. And he clarified what the Russian plan is to expand the airport.


"This is because part of the existing complex has been transferred to the use and management of the Abkhazian Ministry of Defence and relevant structures of the Russian Armed Forces. To build a modern airport that meets all international requirements, the existing territory is not enough, and in this regard a plan for prospective development, the so-called second stage, is being discussed," - said the separatist "minister".


It was eloquently made clear to the Abkhazians that the Sukhumi airport would be a Russian military facility. But as time goes by, so will the entire territory of Abkhazia.


But the Russian military machine is no joke. Those who oppose the armed forces of the Russian Federation will be dealt with "according to the laws of war", which the Russian Federation is living today. There is no doubt that those who will resist the arbitrariness of the occupiers will be immediately written down as "terrorists", "accomplices of Banderaites" and in general as "enemies".


And Sukhumi airport will not receive tourists from the Russian Federation so much as it will become a banal Russian military airfield, the importance of which for the Russian armed forces will increase all the more as Ukraine attacks more and more "distant" objects on the territory of the Russian Federation.


In principle, it remains to be seen who will be the luckier of the Abkhazians - those who will be expelled from the airport area but will still be alive, or those who will actually become a "living target" near the Russian military facility. After all, Ukrainian drone strikes on the Sukhumi airport and the occupiers' Ochamchira naval base are almost inevitable.


Nevertheless, Dzhansukh Nanba tried to reassure the Abkhazians. He even said that the separatist authorities considered it important to involve representatives of the village in discussions on the reconstruction of the airport. He also said that the information that apartments would be built on the land was not true.


According to Dzhansukh Nanba, there are no plans to resettle the residents, and there is no doubt that once the reconstructed airport is in operation, the local population will be evicted without unnecessary 'ceremonies'. After all, if not even the airfield, but only the military facilities of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia are attacked and the residents can simply be "evacuated", allegedly "for security reasons", and they will not be returned.


So far, the Kremlin has instructed its separatist puppets to work "amicably" with the Abkhazians, with the participation of the separatist "parliament" and with the "involvement" of ordinary residents "in the work of the coordination headquarters". In fact, they are offered to "formalise" the denial of their land in favour of the Russian Federation "by mutual agreement", following certain "procedures".


But the further the occupiers go, the less solemn they will be with the Abkhazians. Just as they do not treat Ukrainians in the occupied territories of Ukraine. Russia and the Kremlin will simply take whatever they want in Abkhazia without even asking the Abkhazians and their "parliament" and "government". The Abkhazians themselves will simply be thrown out of their homes, even those who remain loyal to the occupiers.



Aleksandre Zakariadze

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