Varieties of Democracy Institute Index: Georgia ranks among top 50 globally in terms of freedom from judicial purges  

01.04.24 13:36

The Index of the Varieties of Democracy Institute (V-Dem), a Sweden-based political science research institute, ranked Georgia 46th globally in terms of freedom from judicial purges.


The Index examines unfair dismissal of judges from the judicial system, usually for political reasons.


The Index showed Georgia rankinge 46th among the top 50 countries globally and within the top 20 in Europe in terms of freedom from judicial purges.


The country also ranks as the leader in the South Caucasus and the Black Sea region and 2nd in the post-Soviet space.


Georgia is ahead of 6 of the G7, 15 of the European Union and 20 of the NATO member states, and all the EU membership candidate countries.

In 2012, under the previous United National Movement Government Georgia ranked 108th globally and improved its ranking by 62 points in 11 years.



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