Irakli Kobakhidze: Considering many factors, we made a decision  to build a new international airport in Tbilisi

08.04.24 12:19

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, a new international airport will be built in Tbilisi, in particular, in Vaziani. The Prime Minister announced the above at the meeting held in the government administration.


According to the Prime Minister, the design of the airport will be completed next year.


In addition, according to Irakli Kobakhidze, the new airport will allow for an increase of up to 19 million passengers, with the prospect of further expansion.


"The session of the Economic Council was held yesterday, where we made the most important decision on the implementation of the new mega-project. In particular, a new international airport will be built in Tbilisi. Today's airport capacity is approximately 4-4.5 million passengers. You know that we have very positive dynamics in the field of tourism. A rapid and consistent increase in the number of tourists and visitors is expected in the future, which must be supported by infrastructure. We considered two alternative options. One option involved expanding the existing airport. Second - to build a new airport in Vaziani. The cost of expansion was approximately 900 million dollars, the cost of building a new one was 1 billion 260 million dollars. The expansion allowed us to increase the passenger flow to a maximum of 15 million passengers and there was no prospect of further development. As for the construction of the new airport, this allows us to increase the number of passengers to 19 million, with the prospect of further expansion. The new airport will be in full compliance with the highest modern standards. Considering many factors, we made a decision to build a new airport. Projecting and tender procedures will be completed next year. After that, in a few years, Tbilisi will have a completely new, ultra-modern airport. This decision will have a very serious economic effect. According to our calculations, the growth of the economy will increase by 0.2% point, which means that during the next years, on average, 350 million GEL will be added to the economy of Georgia", said the Prime Minister.

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