President: When the issue concerns the choice between Europe and Russia, the President cannot be neutral

10.04.24 15:32

The President of Georgia discussed with the delegation of the Political and Security Committee of the European Union the relations between Georgia and the European Union, the consequences of the Russian law and security issues of the Black Sea.


According to the Administration of the President of Georgia, at the meeting held in the Orbeliani Palace, the head of the delegation of the EU Political and Security Committee, Delphine Pronk, thanked the Georgian President for her important personal contribution to the protection of EU values and congratulated Georgia on receiving the status of an EU candidate country.


The conversation touched on the situation in the occupied territories of Georgia, the EU delegation once again expressed its strong support for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia. On her part, the President of Georgia thanked the European Union for the activity of the observation mission. The delegation noted that the European Union supports the strengthening of peace and security in the region.


As the President noted, the European integration process is very important for the Georgian people and she shares the values of the European Union.


The President of Georgia called the Russian law, initiated for the second time in the parliament, a challenge for the country and noted that the adoption of the law would affect the civil society. The destruction of the civil sector, which defends the values of the European Union, is Russia's goal.


"When the issue concerns the choice between Europe and Russia, the President cannot be neutral!" - said the President.


She also spoke about the issue of canceling women's quotas and noted that the ongoing rhetoric regarding this issue is unacceptable.


The security of the Black Sea was also discussed at the meeting. The President noted that the Black Sea was the security of not only the region, but also of Europe, and Russia was trying to turn it into a sea of conflict.




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