Speaker says some radicals, including foreign actors, try to restrict parliament from exercising its powers

17.04.24 12:41

Yesterday, we saw once again that there was an attempt to block the discussion. There is a desire to shout down the discussion. This is the most obvious example of dogmatism. Their only argument is that ‘we were told’ from abroad not to pass this law,” the Chairman of Parliament Shalva Papuashvili told the media.


According to him, the Georgian parliament must adopt Georgian laws.


“Yesterday, the United National Movement spoke about holding a plebiscite. But what will be the result? If the people come out for a plebiscite will the instructions from abroad matter? That wasn’t the starting point then. I am surprised by this attitude of MPs towards their mandate because they are people’s representatives. The representative of the people is the Parliament of Georgia. What we see today from some radical groups, including foreign actors, is that they are trying to restrict Parliament from exercising its representative powers. Georgian people elected the Parliament to pass Georgian laws. It is wrong when it is prohibited and advised without arguments what to accept and what not to accept,” Papuashvili said.



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