Competition Agency: 23,983 concentrations of economic entities registered in Q1

18.04.24 17:25

The Georgian Competition and Consumer Agency on Wednesday said 23,983 concentrations of economic entities had been registered in the country in the first quarter of the year.


The Agency said the annual turnover of parties participating in registered unions had not met the criteria requiring prior notification in the part of the annual turnover in the cases.


It added 15 cases did meet the criteria, but 12 of them fell within exceptions defined by the competition law, which exempted them from the notification requirement.


In the remaining three cases, the body said the entities “supposedly had the requirement to notify the Agency of the concentration in advance”, with the state institution launching proceedings with regard to the entities.


The cases were present in the mineral processing sector and distribution and trade area, it added.


The Agency said this year only five concentrations had been approved.

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