The state property the government sold this year at the lowest price

19.04.24 17:30

As part of the "100 investment offers for business" project, 11 of the state properties put up for auction this year have already been sold.


The plot of land and the building located on it in the village of Khakhalajvari in Bolnisi municipality, were sold for the lowest price.


According to the auction results, the five most cheaply sold properties are as follows:


• 11525.00 sq.m. located in the village of Khakhalajvari in Bolnisi municipality. Rashad Jalilov bought the non-agricultural plot of land and the buildings on it for 70,500 GEL.


• 27674 sq.m. in Samtredia, Griboedov street, lane 1. "Midamo Development" Ltd. bought a non-agricultural plot of land for 85,000 GEL.


• 7134.00 sq.m. located in the village of Civtskaro in Dusheti municipality. The non-agricultural plot of land was purchased by "Mala" LLC for 131,000 GEL.


• In Samtredia, Griboedov st. 43512 sq.m. adjacent to N53. "Midamo Development" LLC bought the non-agricultural plot of land and the buildings on it for 133,000 GEL.


• 1788.00 sq.m. in Zestafoni, in Tamar Mepe Street N27, adjacent to N29, also in N29. Non-agricultural plot of land and N1 building on it were purchased by LLC "Mshenebeli 2023 ZK" for 174,500 GEL.

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