Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Misinformation is being spread, as if events dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia abroad are being canceled

17.05.24 16:06

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia calls the information spread in the media, according to which "events dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia abroad were cancelled", disinformation.


As the agency explains in a statement provided to InterpressNews, the holding of Independence Day events by the two diplomatic missions mentioned by specific media was postponed due to technical reasons and "will definitely take place after some time".


"Each year, diplomatic missions of Georgia abroad, in accordance with the unified government concept, celebrate the country's national holiday - Independence Day - with various events. As a rule, it is not possible to celebrate the national holiday directly on the holiday date, and this is an established practice in the world - both in the case of diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia and diplomatic missions of Georgia abroad. This is especially true for receptions held on behalf of the embassy, where many different factors must be taken into account. Therefore, every year, the event dedicated to the Independence Day by the diplomatic missions of Georgia does not take place exactly on May 26. This year too, about 30 embassies out of more than 70 diplomatic missions are planning to hold receptions in the second half of May/early June, some in mid-June, some even in late June. One of the Georgian TV channels is deliberately spreading disinformation, as if the events dedicated to Georgia's Independence Day abroad are being cancelled. The two diplomatic missions mentioned in the TV story have postponed the Independence Day celebrations due to technical reasons and will definitely take place after some time," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.




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