Mamuka Mdinaradze: even the Soviet Union refused to distribute responsibility to family members - the country's independence is not sold for any visa

24.05.24 14:37

The independence of the country is not sold on any visa, - said the leader of the parliamentary majority, Mamuka Mdinaradze.


As he writes on the social network, it is comical to sanction a deputy elected by the people for adopting a law of his own opinion.


"Only in the last three days: during the conversation with the Prime Minister of Georgia, the European Commissioner made a reference to us to share the fate of the Prime Minister of Slovakia; France passed a law on the prevention of foreign interference; It was reported that a bill to regulate a similar field is being initiated in Turkey, a member of NATO; The US Secretary of State has delayed sanctions in support of a much more loyal law than the current law in their country. This situation does not even need to be evaluated in a rule, although it is very brief: 1. The policy of blackmail and threats continues in order to prevent Georgia from making independent decisions based on its own interests. Despite spending hundreds of millions, the agency is so weak that it only relies on the actions of external actors and thrives. 2. It is unprecedented and at the same time comical to sanction a deputy elected by the people for adopting a law at his discretion. 3. Even the Soviet Union refused to distribute responsibilities to family members a few decades before its collapse... 4. Independence of the country is not sold for any visa. For this, we were not refused a visa, but we Georgians, who, it seems, could not and could not recognize us, went to death! Georgians, who will never give up our land, language, faith, traditions, dignity, justice, and thus we will become full members of the European family! In the end, everyone will have to talk to the Georgian people and the government elected by them, and not to the government appointed from outside! Georgia will be able to do it!", Mdinaradze wrote.




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