Deputy Economy Minister reports on pilot motor vehicle transit from China through Middle Corridor

28.05.24 13:40

Georgian Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Guram Guramishvili said the first pilot motor vehicle transit was implemented from China to Georgia on May 26 through the Middle Corridor, passing Kazakhstan, the Caspian Sea and Azerbaijan.


The final destination was Georgia this time, although the transit could be implemented to Europe via the same route next time.


A meeting was held at the Ministry of Economy with the participation of the Chinese Transport Ministry officials and Levan Gamkrelidze, Director of Land Transport Agency. The sides agreed on the next motorcars’ transit to Turkey in July.


“Organized motorcar transit from China to Georgia is an important opportunity for importers and entrepreneurs who have trade and economic ties with China. The possibility of this type of transit will make their mobility much easier and the entry of goods into Georgia much faster in the supply chain,” Guramishvili said.


The Deputy Minister added that this route operated as a rail transport since 2017, and for the first time, the countries exchanged bilateral and multiple motorcar transit permits. He stated that transits will contribute to the development of logistic services and infrastructure.


Sea transits from China to Europe take up to 52 days, while it will take 12 days through the Middle Corridor.


“Therefore, Georgia is becoming an important player in the Middle Corridor global supply chain,” said the Deputy Minister.




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