At the plenary session of the Parliament, the discussion of the President's veto on the draft law "On transparency of foreign influence" began

28.05.24 15:23

At the plenary session of the Parliament, the discussion of the veto of the President on the bill "On transparency of foreign influence" began.


Salome Zurabishvili's motivated remarks along with the attached bill will be presented by Giorgi Mskhiladze, the parliamentary secretary of the president.


According to the President's bill, the law "On transparency of foreign influence" is valid only for one day after its entry into force.


In the motivated remarks of Salome Zurabishvili, it is indicated that the draft law adopted by the Parliament does not correspond to the Constitution of Georgia, the fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as the process of the country's European integration.


"It is impossible to improve this law. The law in its entire content is unconstitutional - therefore, un-Georgian, un-European and un-democratic. Therefore, it is not subject to improvement by making changes to it. Its essence, content and principles are unacceptable.


Accordingly, the repeal of the law is without alternative and represents the will of the Georgian people.


Taking into account all of the above, we suggest that the law be repealed as soon as possible - the very next day after its enactment," said the President's motivated remarks.


The majority of "Georgian Dream" is preparing to overcome the veto on the "Transparency of Foreign Influence" bill.


In the case of overcoming the veto, if the President does not sign the law within the set period, the Chairman of the Parliament will sign it within 5 days.




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