Replicas of “unique” Georgian products created for National Intellectual Property Centre

28.05.24 17:00

Georgian clay master Ketevan Mumladze has created miniature models of products of geographical indications and appellations of origin that are registered at the National Intellectual Property Centre of Georgia.


The body said Mumladze had crafted replicas of 29 qvevri wine storage vessels, 13 cheese types, eight mineral waters, three honey varieties and other products using polymer clay, wood and epoxy.


It said some of the miniatures were “just a few millimetres” in size, with 64 “unique” products covered by the initiative.


The models were displayed at the headquarters of the Centre in the city of Mtskheta, as part of their permanent exhibits.


Georgian products with geographical indications and designations of place of origin [...] are important for the economic, social and cultural development of the country. Some people are still unaware of the significance and benefits of these special products despite the existence of the protection institution in Georgia for many years”, it added.
The Centre also said the replicas helped “illustrate the importance” of Georgian geographical designations and names of place of origin.

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