Shalva Papuashvili: How can a democratic country be isolated because it adopts democratic laws 

29.05.24 13:36

How can a democratic country be isolated because it adopts democratic laws, the purpose of which is to protect the country from foreign influences, - Speaker of the Parliament Shalva Papuashvili said in response to the journalist's question about whether the government expects the country to be isolated because of the "transparency of foreign influence" law.


According to Shalva Papuashvili, "democratic laws must be enforced".


In addition, Papuashvili said that if sanctions are imposed, it will go beyond democratic relations.


"It would absolutely go beyond any common sense and values ​​of democratic relations, what we call Western values. It's incredible if any country or organization would punish people because people want it to be clear and transparent what the money brought in from abroad is spent on. We may have such expectations of regimes that seek to dominate foreign countries. Punishing people in the democratic world for wanting to know who foreign money is coming from and what it's being spent on, certainly goes beyond the common understanding of these values. The only response that would be the most correct and conscientious in this case is that both the donors and the organizations funded by them comply with the rules of this law, fulfill the will of the Georgian people, for whom, according to them, they are spending the money, and to do one of the simplest things - once a year, tell the Georgian people from whom they receive funding and what they spend this money on," Papuashvili said.




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