GD's Mdinaradze says TV Pirveli reporters bully his parents

29.05.24 18:00

“TV Pirveli reached out to my elderly parents in Ghvankiti, asking whether they agree with the “Russian law.” Trying to bully parents and children is fascism,” Mamuka Mdinaradze, the leader of the parliamentary majority, posted on social media, adding “You can’t shake the truth, the one that frightens the agents the most.”


“They are in agony. Another manifestation of fascism: it seems that they decided to take revenge for yesterday’s decision, and TV Pirveli reached out to my elderly parents in Ghvankiti. Thank God that my brother with a disability status, although full of energy, was not at home… They asked about the money that the village house was built with and whether they agreed with the “Russian law”. My mother got so sick that the doctors are coming to help her. They are ordinary killers. Murderers with straightforward intentions!


They haven’t been able to make a single argument about the law for so many months, and they ask my mother, a woman who can barely stand on her feet…


As for the expenses of the house, first, ask me here or scrutinise the declaration. I have written with the accuracy of Tetris how much credit I have, what we sold, and how I contributed the corresponding amount to the construction. I have even made detailed explanations in the declaration!


And in general, remember well, I promise, you will never find a single Tetri of undocumented income! Because those parents raised me exactly the way they lived their whole life – honestly!!! You wouldn’t imagine, but you’d have to believe that even the majority leader needs a loan to help his parents build a country house!


Trying to bully parents and children is fascism, but you can’t shake the truth, dignity and pride, which frightens the agents the most,” Mamuka Mdinaradze wrote.




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