Georgian Airports Union views daily flights, visa-free travel between Georgia and China, as important factor in attracting new tourist flows

31.05.24 14:05

The largest Chinese air company, China Southern, increased the frequency of direct flights Ürümqi-Tbilisi-Ürümqi from 4 to 7 per week, following the enaction of visa-free travel between Georgia and China.


According to Irakli Karkashadze, Director of the Union of Georgian Airports, daily flights and visa-free travel between Georgia and China will attract new tourist flows and increase the share of Asian air companies in the Georgian aviation market.


“Daily flights and visa-free travel are important factors in attracting new tourist flows and increasing the share of Asian airlines on our market. Our next task is to increase the flight area from other cities gradually. And foremost, to connect the capital cities,” he said.


China Southern Airlines implemented 45 Ürümqi-Tbilisi-Ürümqi flights in January-April serving 10, 087 passengers. The first Tbilisi-Ürümqi flight, following the visa-free travel opening between Georgia and China, was carried out last night.

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