Atlantic Council ranks Georgia among Free countries

07.06.24 15:37

The Atlantic Council published its 2024 Atlas on Freedom and Prosperity Around the World, which analyzes the 2023 Freedom Index of 164 countries, including Georgia.


The document divides the countries into four categories: Free, Mostly Free, Mostly Unfree and Unfree.


Georgia is listed among the 45 best countries that are assigned Free status. With a long-lasting progress rating, Georgia is in first place in Europe after 2012.


Georgia is the only country among the EU candidate countries having Free status. It outruns Poland, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey. It is the fourth after the Baltic States among post-Soviet countries.


The Freedom Index evaluates legal, economic, and political freedom. The legal subindex gauges a country’s adherence to the rule of law.


The Freedom Index is produced by the Atlantic Council’s Center for Freedom and Prosperity. It is based primarily on detailed international research, scientific expertise, and aggregated indices from the World Bank’s Global Governance Indicators, the American Heritage Foundation, and the Diversity of Democracy.




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