Lelo calls on Georgians to acknowledge the choice to make in parliamentary elections

07.06.24 16:08

“In conditions of sanctioned government, the upcoming elections will be a referendum on Georgia’s sovereignty,” said Salome Samadashvili, a member of the Lelo party, at the briefing.


Salome Samadashvili called on Georgians to acknowledge the choice they have to make in the parliamentary elections.


“We have to realize that the line of the country’s fate passes on changing the sanctioned Russian regime in the October elections. If previously the elections were considered a referendum to choose between the European future and Russia. Now, it will be a referendum on Georgia’s sovereignty.


We have to preserve independence. Without our strategic ally, the United States, standing with us, Georgia would not survive as an independent state.


I call on Georgian citizens to once again acknowledge the situation we are in today and what is the choice they have to make in the upcoming parliamentary elections. This is the existential choice and future of the Georgian state. I am sure Georgians will acknowledge that well and return the country to its path, which we chose many years ago.


This is the path of an independent sovereign country, which will be a member of the European Union and NATO, protected by our strategic allies,” she said.


The US Department of State spokesperson, Matthew Miller, announced visa restrictions on dozens of Georgian citizens. According to him, the first tranche includes members of the Georgian Dream, members of parliament, law enforcement officers and individuals.




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