Rati Ionatamishvili - the introduction of visa restrictions will be frivolous

07.06.24 16:55

We said from the beginning that talking about visa restriction was not serious, therefore, its implementation will also be not serious, - said the Chairman of the Human Rights Protection and Civil Integration Committee of the Parliament, Rati Ionatamishvili.


According to his own assessment, decisions that lack objectivity and justice cause protest and a feeling of injustice in the society.


"During these days, in fact, every day, we listened to briefings with the same content, but talking about the list is still taboo and mysterious, while we remember about the judges, the American ambassador to Georgia himself made a video address and informed the public that he imposed visa restrictions on the relevant persons. It was counterproductive then and will continue to be counterproductive on the part of our society. Because such decisions, which are devoid of objectivity and justice, cause protests and a feeling of injustice in the society. Therefore, it is important that such mistakes are not made against Georgia, as they were, for example, in 1991 or 2008, the results of which affected not only Georgia, but also other countries. I am sure it will be so in this case as well.


The process of adopting the law on transparency in Georgia and France created a classic example of a double standard. In particular, the French version, which is much stricter and heavier in comparison to the Georgian one, remained unnoticed by international actors, and we heard and still hear rather non-objective pressure and criticism attempts towards Georgia. However, this did not affect us, because when you act according to the tasks of your country, no pressure and criticism can and will not have the power to produce results. It's just that this process makes it easier for the society to evaluate everything, since we are proud and free people, when we see that someone insults our dignity or looks at and evaluates it inappropriately, we always have a reaction to it," Ionatamishvili said.


According to him, the opposition is trying to legalize treason, espionage and wiretapping in the country.


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