Kakha Kaladze on the data of the "Atlantic Council" - this is a concrete fact that we have in front of us, Georgia is taking steps forward in all directions

07.06.24 17:30

This is a concrete fact that we are facing - this is how Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze evaluates the designation of Georgia by the "Atlantic Council" in the highest category of free countries in terms of governance.


According to him, Georgia is ready to implement the 9-point plan presented by summer.


"This is a concrete fact that we have in front of us. Georgia is taking steps forward in all directions. If we have achieved any success in recent years, it is thanks to our team and Georgian people. It's nice when they tell you the truth and don't throw ashes in your eyes.


The truth is one thing - by all criteria and parameters, the government of Georgia is far ahead of those countries - even Moldova, Ukraine, which were given candidate status then. Georgia was oppressed and it was a political decision. Even today, by all criteria, Georgia is ahead and is ready for the 9-point plan presented to be fully implemented by the summer; The country is ready for the opening of negotiations, however, I think that a political decision, blackmail, will be made here as well, as we have seen in recent months regarding the opening of negotiations," said Kakha Kaladze.



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