The truth about Caucasian Albania outrages the Armenian falsifiers of history

07.06.24 22:13

Armenian nationalists and falsifiers are outraged by the exhibition 'Christian Heritage in Azerbaijan's Multicultural Identity' in the Polish capital Warsaw. And their 'outrage' is understandable.


After all, their favorite European country, France, has long been regarded as anything but a 'Christian' country, to put it mildly. This country positions itself as 'secular', but in reality, it's godless and atheistic, hostile not only to Muslims but also to traditional Christians, including conservative Catholics. Therefore, it makes no sense for the Armenian lobby to scream about the alleged 'genocide' of Christian Armenians and the 'destruction' of their 'cultural heritage' in France and on 'French information platforms' (and expose the forgeries). After all, France itself has been destroying, humiliating, and perverting everything Christian since the French Revolution.


Poland is a different matter. In fact, regarding the number of believers, it is by far the most Christian country in Europe. Much more Christian, not only than France but also than Catholic Italy, where the population, unlike most Poles, is increasingly indifferent to matters of faith. This is why Poland's opinion is listened to in the Catholic world.


For decades, Armenian propaganda has spread among Polish Christians the false myth that Armenians are not only the 'most suffering' but also almost the 'only Christian' people in the East. They declared Georgian Christian culture and churches as 'Armenian'. And the Poles did not even know that there was a Christian Caucasian Albania, which was completely independent of the Armenians, and everything Albanian was declared 'Armenian'.


Therefore, the exhibition informing the Poles about the culture, church architecture and traditions of Caucasian Albania, and the fact that the heirs of this culture and traditions - the Albanian Udin community of Azerbaijan - are alive, angered the Armenian nationalists. Their myths in Poland began to crumble before their eyes.


The 'indignation' was expressed by a certain 'scientific-analytical' foundation, 'Geghard', which did not like the words of the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Poland, Nargiz Gurbanova, at the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition in Warsaw, that representatives of different religions and nations have historically lived side by side in peace and harmony in Azerbaijan. And 'Geghard' found nothing better than to repeat the propaganda nonsense of the separatist misconception called 'NKR' or 'Artsakh', which was liquidated last year. In particular, the fund's statement mentions the alleged "blockade of 120,000 Armenian residents, subjecting them to hunger and physical and psychological pressure".


The "Geghard" fund has been functioning since November 20, 2003. That is, it was set up after the complete liquidation of the separatist 'Artsakh' to 'scientifically substantiate' the claims of Armenian nationalists to the Christian holy places of Caucasian Albania, liberated from the occupiers and separatists. The Geghardians, led by the President of the Armenian Academy of Sciences, Ashot Saghyan, were supposed to oppose the scientific facts, allegedly 'the policy of distorting the history of the region and anti-Armenian propaganda' of the legitimate authorities of Azerbaijan in the liberated territories.  But no scientific facts could be found in the 'indignant statement' of 'Geghard' about the exhibition in Warsaw. Geghard' launched the usual series of propaganda accusations against Azerbaijan, typical of Armenian nationalists and the liquidated separatist 'Artsakh'.


In particular, the accusation that Baku allegedly 'expelled' the Armenian residents of the Karabakh region is in complete contradiction to the fact that Azerbaijan strongly offered them their citizenship and a stable life. The Armenians made their own choice, peacefully and without pressure; they left the territory voluntarily, noting the courtesy and hospitality of Azerbaijani officials along the way.


As for the separatists' accusation of a '10-month starvation blockade', in general, the restriction of communication on the Lachin road was a response to the marauding plundering of Azerbaijan's subsoil. And it was aimed at stopping this looting and preventing the separatists from smuggling ammunition into the region.  In addition, Azerbaijan strongly proposed to organise the supply of humanitarian goods to the Armenian population through Aghdam, but the separatists refused on principle. The accusation of 'Geghard' of allegedly 'destroying the cultural identity of the churches' is also absurd in Karabakh, where the chairman of the Albanian-Udin Christian-Religious Centre visited the Albanian shrines. Especially after the razing of all Azerbaijani mosques and 30 years of vandalism against cultural heritage.  However, the 'pearl' of Armenian propaganda can be considered a 'protest letter' about the controversial exhibition in Warsaw entitled 'Christian Heritage in Azerbaijan's Multicultural Identity', signed by several Armenian figures in Poland.


The 'protest' letter expressed 'strong protest against the appearance of an outdoor propaganda exhibition in Warsaw in front of the Church of the Visitation Sisters in the suburb of Krakow, which was installed at the end of May and beginning of June 2024. It promotes false claims, therefore we demand that the distribution of this exhibition be stopped and that its organizers publish a refutation in the media".


The letter also repeats the most primitive and long-disproved anti-scientific clichés of Armenian nationalists and falsifiers. In particular, it is claimed that there was no Azerbaijan in ancient times. Let us remember that at that time there was an ancient state of Atropatene (as it was called in Greek). Another language of international communication of that time, Syriac-Aramaic, was called "Adorbaijan", i.e. Azerbaijan.


And, of course, it is utter nonsense to claim that there was no Albanian Apostolic Church, that the Albanian Catholicosate was 'Armenian', and that the written language was given to the Albanians by the Armenians (i.e. the same mythical Mesrop Mashtots), but that they did not even use it, but the Armenian one. If we listen to the Armenian falsifiers, it will turn out that there was no Georgian church either, that the alphabet was given to the Georgians by Mashtots, and that the royal dynasty of the Georgians is 'Armenian' and other nonsense. But there are Georgians and the Georgian Church, and they have nothing to do with Armenians. Unless you count the fact that Armenian nationalists have appropriated all the Georgian churches on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and also claim 442 Georgian churches on the territory of Georgia.


It is time for Christians from other countries, including Poland, to learn the truth about the unique Christian heritage of ancient peoples, including the inhabitants of Caucasian Albania. And also the truth about how Armenian falsifiers have shamelessly stolen, appropriated, and 'remade' this heritage.


George Kvinitadze



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