Anatoly Bibilov’s opposition party leading in so-called elections of occupied Tskhinvali

10.06.24 10:35

According to the preliminary results of the "parliamentary elections" published by the so-called central election commission of occupied Tskhinvali, former so-called president Anatoly Bibilov’s opposition party is leading in the elections.


It is followed by the party of incumbent so-called leader Alan Gagloev and the communist party.


the so-called elections were held in occupied Tskhinvali yesterday and seven political parties participated in it.


73 "polling stations" were opened for voting, including 71 in the occupied Tskhinvali territory, one - in Moscow, in the so-called South Ossetian embassy, ​​and one - in the "consulate" operating in North Ossetia. The so-called elections were held with a mixed, majoritarian-proportional system: Half of the 34 so-called deputies are being elected from party lists, and the other half - from majoritarian constituencies.




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