Giorgi Vashadze: Georgian Dream has probably a great grief, as no Orbánist will be anywhere – the policy of expanding the European Union and ending Georgian Dream has won in the European Parliament

10.06.24 14:00

The policy of expanding the European Union, supporting democracy, supporting Georgians and ending the Georgian Dream has won in the European Parliament, - Giorgi Vashadze, chairman of Strategy Builder, told journalists, thus responding to the elections held in the European Parliament.


According to Vashadze, none of the anti-democratic, fascist and authoritarian forces will ever be supported by the forces that won in the European Union.


"Georgian Dre­am is the one who curses EPP the most, who have won more mandates and seats than they had before. As for the positions, no Orbanist will be in any position - Orban got this," said Giorgi Vashadze.


Regarding the question of what these European Parliament elections will change for Georgia, Vashadze answered that the Georgian people and democracy will have more support and the Georgian Dre­am will have more pressure.


"The Georgian people and democracy will have more support and there will be more pressure on any authoritarian, first of all the group of traitors in the form of Georgian Dre­am, which wants to falsify the will of the Georgian people and lead Georgia to disaster instead of European integration. Very interesting candidates, friends of our country, are being considered for the position of Commissioner for Enlargement of the European Commission. Probably, pro-Russian Georgian Dre­am has a great grief, as there will be no person close to them anywhere in the commission. No Orbánist will be anywhere, the ideology of Orbán has been defeated in this election. He got the lowest result in history," Vashadze said.




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