President’s motivated remarks on election amendments submitted to Parliament

14.06.24 18:00

The motivated remarks of the President on the amendments made to the Election Code have been sent to the Parliament of Georgia.


The President's veto states that the changes adopted by the Parliament will lead to a decrease in the degree of legitimacy of the decision of the election administration, the involvement of the opposition parties will significantly worsen and will not ensure a political process based on consensus, which is crucial for the independence and impartiality of the CEC, as well as for increasing public trust in this institution.


We also read that "cancelling a consensus-based decision on the grounds that it is possible to fail to reach an agreement among CEC members is unjustified and cannot be shared."


In addition, the President notes in her veto that the presented amendments were adopted in an accelerated manner, without proper discussion and consensus among the subjects participating in the process.


"With the presented change, the number of votes required to make a decision in the CEC is reduced to a majority of the full composition of the CEC for those decisions that require the support of at least 2/3 of the full composition, as a result of which, in fact, the need for consensus among the parties in the decision-making process is canceled and the participation of opposition parties significantly worsens”, read the remarks.


For information, the President vetoed the changes to the Election Code yesterday. On May 30, the Parliament approved the electoral changes initiated by the Georgian Dream deputies.




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