Irakli Kobakhidze - we have record figures in tourism and aviation, this year we expect revenues of 4.5 billion dollars from tourism and 7.9 million international travelers

17.06.24 14:05

We have record figures in tourism and aviation, - the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze, said at the government meeting.


According to him, record revenues from tourism were recorded in the quarter - 808 million dollars, which exceeded the pre-pandemic figure by 40 percent.


"This is a record number. We hosted 1.3 million international travelers this quarter, which is an 8 percent increase compared to last year. As for international tourists, we have a record number here too - we hosted 939 thousand tourists in our country during one quarter," the Prime Minister noted.


The Prime Minister also spoke about the indicators in the field of aviation and noted that 13,600 flights will be performed during the summer season, which is also a historical maximum.


"In Europe, specifically, 11 airlines operate flights to 38 destinations, which is also historically the highest result. This year, 50 airlines operate in Georgia, which is also a historical maximum. In 2011, only 23 airlines operated in Georgia. Also, a historical maximum was recorded in terms of passenger flow at the airports - the passenger flow at our airports exceeded 1 million 400 thousand passengers. We have good trends and therefore very good grounds for optimism. In annual terms, we expect 4.5 billion dollars in revenues specifically from the field of tourism, which will be a 9 percent improvement over last year's figure. We expect 7.9 million international travelers, 5.2 million international tourists, which will also be a historical high. There are very good data in the field of tourism and aviation, and our task is to further improve the growth rates, for which there are very good prospects," said the Prime Minister.

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