"European Georgia" starts consultations with opposition parties with the task of creating an electoral democratic center

17.06.24 15:03

"European Georgia" is starting consultations with opposition parties with the task of creating an electoral democratic center, "European Georgia" reports.


According to the party, the national mission of the Georgian people is to return to the Euro-Atlantic family of free and safe nations, however "we cannot achieve this goal without defeating the Ivanishvili regime, which is an instrument of the Russian hybrid war and undermines the sovereignty of the Georgian state and the freedom of Georgian citizens."


"The public protest and public reaction during the last three months showed that the majority of citizens have already made a political verdict for the regime.


It is now important that this sentiment be translated into strong support for opposition parties by the vast majority of Georgian citizens in the 2024 elections, so that we are ready to defend our free choice and wrest power from traitors.


However, after the defeat of the regime, it is vitally important to repair the great damage done by Ivanishvili to the Georgian state and to take quick steps to establish a fair and democratic system, which is critically necessary for the country's security and Euro-Atlantic integration.


For both regime change and further systemic transformation tasks, it is key for the majority of citizens to see that the alternative to Ivanishvili's regime is not today's "National Movement", where there is no democratic tradition; where there is no accountability to the selectors and the team; "Where all important issues, including the replacement and transfer of party leaders, are decided by the whims of leader Saakashvili and shadow ruler Kezerashvili," the statement said.


According to "European Georgia", in order to respond to the rational concerns of the voters and turn their energy into the energy of changes, they need to convince the citizens that "the alternative to the government is not an anti-democratic force, but a democratic union, whose members clearly reject the oligarchic, anti-democratic rules of the game".


"Under these circumstances, we consider it the right step to create such a center of political gravity, which on the one hand will defeat the Russian regime, and on the other hand - act quickly to implement those reforms, some of which are presented in the "Georgian Charter" initiated by the president.


Therefore, "European Georgia" starts the consultation process with the opposition political parties with the task of forming a new political center, which will defeat the Russian regime and replace it with a democratic, European alternative," the statement said.




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