PM: Proud of our players, confident in their dedication for European Championship

17.06.24 16:00

The Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze extended his best wishes to the Georgian national football team as they prepare to compete in the European Championship.


“The Georgian national team will start their journey at the European Championship tomorrow. This is a moment we’ve all eagerly anticipated for years, and even more so over the past three months since securing our place in the tournament. For the first time in history, the Georgian flag will be raised, and the Georgian anthem will be played at this prestigious football event. This is an incredible emotion for all of us, for the fans, and for every Georgian,” Kobakhidze said at a government meeting.


He highlighted the significance of having over 10,000 Georgian fans attending each match, facilitated by subsidized flights, with tickets priced at €195. “This initiative aimed to make it easier for fans to travel to Germany and support the team,” he added.


“I wish the boys good luck. I am confident they will play with the same dedication that secured their place in the European Championship. We have players to be proud of, and I wish them all the best, especially in advancing out of the group stage. With their determination, I am sure they can achieve this important success,” Kobakhidze added.


The Georgian national team will face Turkey in their first match of the European Championship on June 18, starting at 8 p.m. Tbilisi time in Dortmund.

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