Zurab Japaridze - negotiations are ongoing on the opposition side

17.06.24 16:32

Negotiations are underway on the opposition side, let's see what the configuration will be, we will definitely agree, said Zurab Japaridze, a member of "Girchi - More Freedom".


According to him, negotiations are ongoing with everyone, except Gakharia's party.


"Negotiations are ongoing with the opposition wing, just as research is being launched. Finally, we will agree on some configuration based on the research results and negotiations. In any case, this will be a configuration that will not allow Ivanishvili and the Russian regime to take the opposition votes from the opposition wing and thereby maintain power. We have definitely agreed on this, the rest is subject to negotiations. Let's see what the configuration consists of. You know, my and our preference is, although other parties have other views, the content of the negotiation is to agree on something. We will definitely agree. It will probably not be in the distant future. "Lelo" is one of the parties involved in the negotiations, we have consultations with it. We talk to everyone. We have no communication with Gakharia, but with everyone else", Zurab Japaridze said.


According to Zurab Japaridze, the single list is the most correct formula.


"In our opinion, the single list is the most correct formula, but as you know, there are different opinions, there are parties that think that this is not the correct formula. So far there are negotiations, I can't say more than that", - said Zurab Japaridze.




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