Economy Ministry: 80% of Adjara region benefitting from natural gas supply

19.06.24 13:12

The Ministry of Economy of Georgia on Wednesday said over 118,000 subscribers in the western region of Adjara, accounting for over 80 percent of the population of the region, were benefiting from natural gas supply under the state programme for ensuring delivery to remote locations.


It added infrastructure for distribution was being set up in villages of Khelvachauri municipality of the region where delivery had previously not been available, with 65,565 metres of pipeline set to be built to provide 360 local subscribers with natural gas.


The expansion of the programme is also underway in Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo settlements of the region.


Jubo Turashvili, the Head of the Energy Policy and Investment Department of the Ministry, said the expansion aimed to improve economic and social conditions of the local population, support development of tourism and businesses - particularly micro and small entrepreneurs - and make a “positive impact” on the ecological situation in the region.


Plans for the programme in Adjara include construction of infrastructure in 31 additional settlements with 2,438 subscribers.


The national level of gas distribution is planned to reach 93 percent in 2025 after the completion of the efforts, the Ministry said.


Between 2013-2024, the programme delivered gas to 199,250 subscribers in 828 settlements, with current works underway in four regions, nine municipalities and 41 settlements to benefit 6,405 subscribers.




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