Georgian language programme launches at Athene’s public school

10.10.19 18:00

Georgian language programme launches at Athene’s public school.


A Georgian language programme has been launched at the 150th public school of Athens, the Georgian Embassy in Greece reports.


Greece’s Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Issues decided to launch the Georgian language pilot programme in some of its schools in 2016.


The Georgian Embassy to Greece reports that the programme was first launched at the 50th public school of Athens.


Georgian pupils of the 150th public school had their first Georgian language lesson yesterday, led by Madona Javakhishvili, Khatuna Lobjanidze and Nino Pruidze, Georgian teachers selected by the Georgian Ministry of Education.


The Georgian Government is providing financial and logistic support for the programme, while the curriculum is planned and implemented in adherence to Greece’s legislation and educational regulations.


The Pew’s Research Centre estimated that around 80,000 Georgian citizens lived in Greece in 2017.


Mostly this includes migrant workers, the majority of whom live in Athens, Thessaloniki, Nafplio (seaport town in the Peloponnese) and the island of Crete, says the Office.



source: AGENDA

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