Tbilisi Pride organizer hopes Georgian Church to avoid violence

30.06.21 17:55

Tbilisi Pride organizer hopes Georgian Church will buck up and avoid violence against citizens who plan a peaceful demonstration in the coming days.


Giorgi Tabagari believes the Georgian patriarchate is an anti-democratic institution with no legal understanding of minorities or human rights.


“This institution is retrograde, sticking to some Christian morality and dogma, which is separate from the state and the constitution. Their calls are not relevant. We are talking about a state that is responsible for our protection. They can gather and pray, sing or express themselves in any peaceful way,” Tabagari said.



Pride Week will take place in Tbilisi on July 1-5. Tbilisi Pride, Shame, Women’s Movement and GrlzWave organized various cultural and social activities within the framework of Tbilisi Pride Week.



source: 1TV

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